Our Childrens’ Gorilla: A Frame


A sturdy A Frame doll house by Andrew Geller.

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  1. It is cute but I feel this is a little bit too expensive.

  2. I totally agree with you on this kim. Although the product is very unique which makes it sell for more, I dont think it would make a great toy. Kids dont care about how unique a toy is, you can tell by the look on their face when you bring them to the dollar store. Kids also are not attached to a toy for very long, usually no more than two weeks, if it even makes it that far. This would definately be outside of my budget boundaries, as I could buy a lot of things for the price of this doll house. I am from the United States and after doing a currency calculation found out it would cost me 144 dollars, which is still too much for me. My suggestion would be to have people produce the doll house over seas wherever you could get it done with the same quality, otherwise you need to make it smaller and try to sell it to parents as something they can use to decorate their home!