German Bundesliga Fashion

We just had a really good laugh here at the studio watching this video. Thank you Jennifer.

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  1. what the…. ??

    hehehehehehe, wow :D

  2. I’m bookmarking this for one of those days when everything goes wrong. Brilliant.

  3. Oh my and the haircuts!!!

  4. hysterical! I think I picked up a few new dance moves.

  5. Simply sensational! I’ve known this video for quite a while now but watching it never fails to delight…!
    I’m never sure whether I should be embarrased or not that such a violent form of expressional dance actually existed here in Germany but then again…naaa. It’s just great.
    Unbelievable moves by unbelievable people… :-)
    It’s actually an outtake from the 70ies of one of our most favourite and still running sports shows called ‘Das aktuelle Sportstudio’. They hired a special ‘color designer’ to design some alternative jerseys for the German soccer league.

    Contrary to popular belief the dancers are NOT German soccer players!

  6. German fahsion, specially in “fussball” is incredible….


  7. Wow: that’s just bizarre.

  8. An early for of Capoeira I feel.

  9. That haircut is brilliant

  10. too funny.

    so wacky.

    needs to be overdubbed with some spaced out minimal techno. haha

    post of the week!

  11. Price. Less. I also thought it would rock with techno under. Man, that was a great laugh, thanks.

  12. Sehr schön, vorallem weil ja heute die Rückrunde der Fussball Bundesliga Saison beginnt. Danke für den Post.
    LG aus Köln

  13. OMG they’re dancing a Brazilian song!! The singer is asking for the blessing of several African gods (some African religions are very popular in Brazil). Nonsense! I can’t understand a single word in German, but the song was enough to make me LOL. Thanks!

  14. “Das ist ein Service auch an die Zuschauer!” Ich fasse es nicht! Brilliant. Mein Favorit: Fortuna Duesseldorf!

  15. Oh man, Netzer! Großartig, danke für dieses Video.

  16. The stuff you find is truly golden!
    I love it!

  17. try to remember some of these moves to get some attention at the next fashion week party here in berlin.

  18. is there any funner way for the beginning german speaker to practice colors voacbulary?

  19. Oh, that made me laugh!!

  20. @Torben – kaum zu glauben aber “Netzer” war auch mein erster Gedanke…

    …und sofort habe ich mich an mein Königsblaues Günter Netzer T-shirt erinnert das ich 1974 während der Fußball Weltmeisterschaft mehr oder weniger ununterbrochen getragen habe…

  21. lol — well done Justin Faust!

  22. Thank you! You really just made my day. :)

  23. Now we all know why German Football was so creative and dominant in those days. Susi Zorc