Paula Scher: Great design is serious (not solemn)

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  1. Paula Scher offers so much uncensored insight into her creative process and honesty about her business experiences. There’s no one else like her!

  2. I loved this interview with Scher–just what I needed to hear! Thanks for posting, Tina!

  3. This was so nice to hear! It helps me (a nervous new graduate) feel a better about my career path! Thanks for posting!

  4. Serious v. solumn is an interesting point, and got it well before minutes 22.
    My comment, most of this blog, and the TED ID is set in Helvetica.

  5. Inspiring and very interesting, thanks for sharing (shameful, but I didn’t check TED for quite some time).

  6. I am blown away by this. Thank you for putting it up. I feel that my work lacked life, now I understand that it is part of a process and that I can make the changes to put myself back on course.

  7. excelent video, she’s so rigth! I’ve been traing too hard to be solem and it’s makes me feel bored and frustreated. I’s been a long time since i’ve done some crazy desing.
    sorry for my english. kisses from Argentina.

  8. Wow, I watched the whole thing… I’m not a designer of any sort, but it was completely fascinating! I’ve seen a lot of her work without even realizing it!

  9. Is someone playing ping pong off camera while she’s talking???