Perpetual Desk Calendar

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Whenever I see the ThreePotatoFour newsletter in my inbox, I drop *everything* and check out their new stuff. Most of the really cool items in Ella’s room are from their site. Now check out this fantastic vintage Perpetual Desk Calendar! Is that a beauty?

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  1. Whoh, freaking, my grandmother broke her perpetual desk calendar last weekend, and it was exactly the same model as you show here, but hers is over 30 years old :P (Ill try to repare it btw)

  2. Hey Tina! Stumbled on your blog again today, which happens to be Sylvie’s birthday! So love the 1.26 calendar and will show her later. Love the whole site! Hope you’re well.

  3. Miss Swiiss – Love the calendar and your site and hit it daily – thanks!

    Check out my calendar over at Esty – The HMK Perpetually Dayzed Calendar.



  4. My grandmother had an identical calendar (well, blue…) on her bureau my entire life. This reminded me that I keep meaning to go digging for it. :)

  5. My father has been using that calander for as long as I can remember. His is red.

  6. Oh I completely agree! I am the same when the email appears in my inbox, even though I am from the UK and have never actaully purchased anything from the shop, it fills me with so much inspiration!

  7. I had a black one about 25 years ago. I think it came from the “Sperrmuell” to me ;) My parents must still have it somewhere back in Germany…