Quad Camera


QuadCamera is the the 4th release by Art&Mobile of their ToyCamera series and features continuous shooting. Just pressing the button, and it takes 4-8 serial shots to create one image in multiple dimensions and repetitions: a 4×2 portrait, 4×1, 2×2 landscape, and 8×1 landscape. Love. Love. Love.

(via EmilyChang, that lady has her finger on the pulse)

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  1. Cool gadget. We’ll see what results it’ll bring…

  2. Great App – thanks a lot for the information…

  3. ooooooh, nice. downloading now.

  4. Downloaded this immediately. Love it. It’s kind of like the action sampler. Seems to have more of a vignette as well.

  5. great app. loving this and molopix. it similar idea but different styles of photo. worth checking out. you can see photos on molopix.com too.