The Complex Grid


Pedro Monteiro posted an interesting article about “The Complex Grid“. Karl Gerstner designed this grid for his work on the CAPITAL magazine. This is actually a six-column grid with a four-column grid superimposed. Karl suggests that this grid requires considerable study, and a designer would have to spend a great deal of time working with it before he could make free use of it in a creative sense.

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  1. That’s interesting, but the math leading to the result seems almost overly complex and vague in description. Essentially this is just four overlapping grid systems with common gutters. Useful or confusing?

  2. It looks like my old gym, where all the lines of different sports were on the floor. Maybe that was why I always was offside!

  3. In german we call that “überlagerter Raster”, so, overlayed Grid. I did this a few times for Book o Magazine layouts. Its quite hard to find a working combination of grids and leading, but when it works its brilliant. The last Book i did with a grid like that was a threefold overlayed grid.