Today’s CreativeMorning with Anjeli Sharma and Joey Roth


CreativeMornings continues! Today’s talk from Anjeli Sharma, Sr. Strategist at Naked, introduced some of the main concepts of designing Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) for the Food and Drug Market (FDM). The discussion started off with the idea of “unboxing” as in once I buy the product, what is the experience of opening it? And continued on to the many points of how education (of clients), marketing, and testing processes all impact the final package design. It was a great chance to to think and talk about packaging and the role it plays in the perception of a product.

We also increased our interactions with our virtual skype guest. As Joey Roth, the man behind the Sorapot, contributed to this mornings talk and did his best to answer questions on the packaging for a product he designed.

You can see pictures of the event over at flickr, and ad your own to our group.

Big thanks to Naked for hosting this mornings event, what an amazing space they have! Also thanks to Iridesco, the creators of Harvest and Co-op, for sponsoring today’s breakfast. If you’re looking for a better way to communicate between your design team or would like a better way to keep track of your productivity definitely check out them out. And once again, thanks to NYC Tap’d for providing us with bottled water.

Next month’s CreativeMornings will be on february 27, 2009. Matthew Waldman, will talk about his NOOKA empire. We realize we initially announced it to be taking place on february 13th, we unfortunately had to move it later in the month. Thanks for understanding.

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  1. Oh no, I got trapped on the L train but have been looking for the video online… there is no video is there? Bummer. I need all the packaging help I can get.