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I dont’ know what this note says, all I know is that I *love* childrens’ first attempts at writing.

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  1. It says, with its share of cute spelling mistakes: “I am making circus with he snakes”

  2. that’s portuguese and what the young author intended to say was:


    what he has actually written was:



  3. It is portuguese, written by a six year old girl. I think what she wanted to say was, I am going to have a circus with just snakes -which is strange and funny statement by itself. What she wrote is- I am making/doing circus with snakes.

    Sorry I didn’t see that there are two comments that pretty much translated it already.


  4. Cool to “know” other portuguese readers! :)

  5. Cool!

    And if I could especulate about the child, I would say its from Portugal or any other portuguese speaker country but Brazil…

    The correct sentence in Portuguese:

    Also correct, but in Brazil:

  6. According to the Blog that the image is from, (http://aervilhacorderosa.com/blog/2009/01/a_fazer.html)
    is from Lisbon, Portugal.

    Fernando & Babs where are you from? I know Tome is from Porto in Portugal.

  7. yeah….portuguese :D
    I’m another one, but living somewhere else.
    You should also check the rest of the website.
    Pretty cool kid stuff to sell there.

  8. hehe
    Portuguese too
    the coolest place to be!

  9. São Paulo, Brasil

  10. Another Portuguese reader here. I’m from Lisbon, but living in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

  11. Carlos – living somewhere else you mean the you are living in the traitors country >Spain. Just kidding my wife is from Spain.

    Technically I’m American, both of my parents are from Viseu, Portugal. I love Portugal I used to go there for 3 months every summer vacation til I was 18 years old. I went a couple of times after that but I haven’t been there for 5 years now.

    Fernando,last time I was in Brazil I was 15 years old in São Paulo/Rio de Janeiro, for Carnival. I have to go back there to I made alot of friends from Brazil over the years.

  12. Hi Tina, actually she’s not six yet. I see you have lots of other portuguese-speaking readers :)

  13. Hey guys, love this portuguese-networking that is going on here! Thank you for reading my blog and translating the note.

  14. Hi Tina,
    I´m from Recife, Brazil. And I think what the portuguese little girl wanted to say was that snakes also can play on Circus. And the photo shows that a child´s imagination and creativity walk side by side.
    I love swissmiss.typepad.com!

  15. When my middle boy had just started making attempts at writing I found a note from him on the kitchen table telling me he had gone to YSBRS house. It took me a while to realise he had gone to Jesper’s.

  16. Hi!

    I’m portuguese too and an old reader of your blog.
    The one thing no one said is that the blog from where you took that image belongs to Rosa Pomar that makes the most wonderful dolls. Just check them out, you’ll love them.

    Best Regards from Lisbon. Portugal.

  17. Hi Tina
    Yep :) Another portuguese here, but living in Norway!
    I have been reading your blog for quite a while and I looooove it! :)

  18. also portugese, also reading you but from the Netherlands!


  19. Also Portuguese, also a reader. ;)

  20. Olé olá, fellow portuguese speaking friends!
    I’m portuguese, born and raised in Porto, Portugal.

    I read SwissMiss everyday and I recommend it many many times.
    Thank you for keeping me ‘updated’!


  21. well, i guess all the portuguese speakers should come out in this post. =]
    that include me!

  22. Hey swissmiss, looks like you have a Portuguese Fan Club ;)

    Keep up the great blogging and bringing us all these fantastic things every day.

    Kiss, from Lisbon

  23. another portuguese here, and another fan of both swissmiss and rosa pomar :)

  24. ahahaha you totally have lots of fans in portugal! rosa’s daughter is the best, such a smart girl! ;)

  25. again and again,
    another portuguese here with a swiss heart!
    an another fan too!

  26. Couldn’t resist! Another portuguese fan from Lisbon here :)
    Love your blog, keep’em coming!

  27. hey, tina, great work here! lots of love from brazil.


  28. And thus… Swissmiss becomes a meeting point for Portuguese and portuguese speaking readers.
    Thats the internet for you :D
    Yaeh.. I’m in Portugal too. Lisbon (guilty)

  29. And another one!

    I’m glad my mom kept most of my first writing attempts…besides making me laugh, it’s also great inspiration for drawing type :)

    min, Porto, Portugal

  30. And a Dutch guy living in Portugal was going to try to help you out too, but the CIRCUS part had me scratching my head. :-)

    Bauke, Lisbon

  31. Lovely! A weird and cute way to write ‘circo’ :)

    I’m from Recife, Brazil. Greetings from all your brazilian readers!

  32. Joining the choo choo, albeit a little late, so as to raise my hand and be counted as yet another Portuguese (although born and bred in the UK) who also enjoys your blog!

    Aren’t kids wonderful?!