Who said you can’t fit a washing machine in that bathroom?


Smeg LBL16RO: Washing Machine with sink.

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  1. i think my barbie had something like this in 1966…or wished she did. i think i need it now.

  2. it’s 49,900 CZK…or US$2,362.72!

  3. cmon folks … its a bit kinky …

  4. Great idea but:

    Why have that kind of handle? The door is clearly there to disguise that it is a washing machine (or else, why have one?) so why make it disguised as a FRIDGE instead of a vanity?

    “Dude, your sink is also a fridge? Cool but, weird to have a fridge in the bathroom …”

    “Oh, actually it is a washing machine.”

  5. Am I the only one whose inner Beavis and Butthead are cracking up at the name?

  6. I don’t quite understand why it has a door..

  7. fantastic! i had a little washing machine in my tiny apartment bathroom a few years ago + it would shake like crazy when it was on.
    my neighbor asked what the noise was + i was afraid they’d tell the landlord. i think a landlord would go for this.

  8. its so cute.. i liked it. yeah look liked fridge but its cute… :)

  9. My girlfriend would love this! Great for people who haven’t got that much space too.

  10. Hahaha that is great!!

    I want one now!!

  11. In the door is a lot of space for cleaners. Excellent for small apartments but too expensive for the people who live in them.