Creative Tip: InDesign Guides and Easy Math

In this short 3-minute clip, Jason Hoppe shows you how to place guides precisely in InDesign the fast way. Let InDesign’s control panel do the math for you!

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  1. Excellent tip. Was wondering if this tip works for earlier versions for CS3 as well?

  2. Yes!

    This works in many applications and with other page elements besides guides. Been using this since QuarkXpress circa 1996.

    A great time saver, Jason does a great job of demonstrating.

  3. How come no one told me about that before?
    This is very helpful, thanks.

  4. i don’t understand why you wouldn’t just use “Layout > Create Guides.” Seems much easier than this method…

  5. I think the bigger idea afoot is that you can do math in the dialogue boxes with almost any element in the document.

    Moving elements, resizing, proportioning plus, minus, divide, multiply, all right in the control pallet. Pretty nice if you know you need something 1/2 size.

    Oddly enough, while this works in InDesign and Illustrator, Freehand, too it doesn’t work in Photoshop as of CS3. Pity.

    Anyone tried this in Photoshop v11/CS4?