Design by Committee

A camel is a horse designed by a committee”

– Sir Alec Issigonis

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  1. i’ve already heard the same sentence using a giraffe instead of a camel. :)

  2. I hate committees. Where I work it’s a big issue. Each project has around 10-15 people, most of them account and production people. Good ideas get killed so fast.

  3. Maybe the committee took into account the terrain and weather conditions… just playing devil’s advocate.

  4. We share an office with a great book cover designer who goes by the name of Design by Committee – you might like his logo (and anybody who’s ever tried to get a book cover design past the editor, the publisher, the marketing people, the author… will know why he chose that name!)

  5. A committee is a group of people who, individually, can do nothing, and as a group decide that nothing can be done.

  6. Well, if the goal of the committee was to design a mount for desert, it’s pretty well done, no ?