Finally a phone that has it all.

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Finally a PDA that comes with a built-in coffee maker and shaver. You can even talk and shave at the same time. Oh, and don’t forget the built-in Harmonica. Please meet the Pomegranate NSO8. Quite amusing.

(thank you Razvan)

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  1. As sad as I am to admit this, this is actually some sort of promotional website for my home province of Nova Scotia.

    It’s so, so weird.

  2. It is cool and very original ad of Nova Scotia – but in my opinion it was totally waste of money ;-)

  3. This just made me mad at Nova Scotia for bringing me dreams I didn’t know I had and then crushing them.

  4. @leszek, waste of money? I beg to differ! They’ve received a lot more exposure for their money than otherwise would have. I don’t have the numbers in hand, so I really am just tooting my horn.

    This clever PR campaign really got me when I first saw it several weeks ago. I had my card out ready to buy it too! (OK I lied, I was expecting a price tag of $1k for this baby).

  5. Some of you are WAY too gullible.


  6. yes yes, one of the smallest provinces in canada, the one that is losing much of their workers to the richer western provinces (myself included), spends many tourism dollars on things like this. it’s really too bad. nova scotia is the shit. it speaks for itself. it keeps a piece of you when you leave. it doesn’t need a slick fake phone ad. i would give up my phone if i could move home and get a decent job. you read that correctly. give up my phone!!!

  7. I love the one handed keypad flip out to the side of the main screen. If this isn’t a feature in a phone already, it should be. I think it was a brilliant piece of pr and I will not be surprised when twenty years from now some of the features of this imaginative little ad are typical.

  8. The sad thing is that the only way of attracting people attention is through their embarrassing consumistic “dreams” and expectations. A phone that “does it all” is indeed a way to keep people glued to their chairs until the very end of the movie and to make them talk with their friends and colleagues. And that it is: a big surprise. The fellows at Nova Scotia (brilliant in my opinion) are not selling no tools for an underdeveloped society, but a way to live, far from the city, far from where everyone wants to be, closer to the country, where you can (I guess) be closer to yourself and be connected with the world at the same time. I think it’s a good message.
    That is not what most of the poeple want to hear, I know. They would like the pomegranate to be reality instead…
    That is what it is. No comment.

  9. I feel so dumb for actually believing this was phone was a reality. I was so excited about it, that I shared the link with my graphic design teacher, who ultimately made me show my entire class… we all got so excited! Then, someone had to go and wikipedia the phone, and declare its falsehood. I was quite embarassed. I should have known it was too good to be true…

    ps. I don’t think this ad made me want to go to Nova Scotia anymore than I did before (not that I ever had my heart set on traveling to a small Canadian province anyway).