For my german speaking typophiles: History of FF DIN

History of FF DIN

Here’s a lovely find for my german speaking readers: FF DIN – die Geschichte einer zeitgenössischen Schrift (PDF)

(via fontblog / patrickmarcsommer)

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  1. The original PDF link seems broken, leider leider …

  2. I’m sure there are very few people who like DIN. It’s a lovely typeface (and i’m sure the DIN would be displeased to know their font is ‘lovely’)

  3. I always loved Din, I think it’s a strict but reassuring type.
    (Maybe because I’m born at the french/german border and this type reminds me my childhood… :) )

  4. definitely got the strict part right. and going to back to my original comment, i meant to say there are very few people who dont like DIN (either one could be true).

    I completely agree with the strict/reassuring comment. I feel as if I don’t do something that is set in DIN, i will get thrown into jail — but at the same time, I know it’s probably better if I do what DIN is telling me to.

  5. I heard it was created specifically to be easy to read at high speeds on the autobahn! Was that a lie!? I can’t read German!

  6. DIN is one of the best fonts ever designed!…I’m glad there’s a new italic version!!!