How (Not) to Write like a Designer

Like designing, writing can straddle the line between art and craft—half blinding flashes of inspiration and unexplainable moments of brilliance (maybe a little less than half), and half moving words around, making and breaking sentences, typing commas then deleting them.

How (Not) to Write like a Designer: 5 Tricks You Didn’t Learn in Studio, by William Bostwick

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  1. it that be cause we have to much internal dialog with ourselves?

  2. Great quote and something I have been thinking about the past couple days. Thanks!

  3. That’s great advice. Writing is important.

  4. Insightful.
    As always, thanks. :)

  5. It’s true what William Bostwick says. We Designers have skills that allow us to decompose anything into anything. We are creatives and what is writing if not a creative task?

    Thank you Tina Eisenberg for this post and all the posts i haven’t thanked before. This one got me to write down something…