Look, it’s all new!


swissmiss has a new home – welcome, come on in! The new site went live just a few minutes ago, thanks to lots of dev magic by brilliant John Ford! (Thank you so much!)

Some of the new features include: search (finally!), fancy filtering (click on ‘filter by category) and a choice in how to acess my content (toggle between ‘swissmiss grid view™’ and list view by clicking on those two small icons next to the search box). We are still ‘unpacking boxes’, so let us know if you see anything funny. Yay! Internet!

For all of you accessing my site through my feed: Please update your feed links to: https://www.swiss-miss.com/feed/.

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  1. Excellent, Tina. John has done a great job, and I’m happy to see a search feature. There’s so much great content here.

  2. Amazing redesign. Congrats Tina !

  3. Smooth look and stunning technology. Great job, Tina and John.

  4. God bless search! Everything looks so fresh and nice. Good job!

    Just one thing – that amazing blogroll is somewhere hidden or…

  5. Congrats Tina from a silent reader who gets a lot of inspiration from your posts.

  6. Legato work, Tina and John!

  7. Very nice. I escpcially dig the grid view.

  8. The new Swiss look of your blog didn’t disappoint, Tina. Congratulations. Great job, John.

    I love your spacious sterile office, Tina. Those two red suitcases you’re carrying on the pic here (they are also under your office desk), are they Samsonite? I have one red Samsonite (my favourite suitcase), looks very similar to yours.

  9. Yes, very nice an clean! Keep on doing this nice work!

  10. Congrats from Basel, too. I have to confess that I already had a look at the new design, because you left one or two referrers with the adress of your test server in my blog’s statistic log. ;)

  11. Onwards and upwards! Congratulatons.

  12. Congratulations! Like new design a lot. Looks a tiny bit more fresh and clean. I’d just have one wish: please use a bigger body text. 11px on Arial is a bit hard don’t you think?
    This is one of my favourite blogs by the way!

  13. Hi there! I love your blog, I’m a design student and I check your blog pretty much daily. you post lots and lots of cool things. Congrats on the new site, It’s very nice, the only thing is that I can’t find the tags page. :( I loved looking through your old posts for cool stuff. Is there a quick link I’ve just missed?

    Anyway, thanks so much for your awesome blog and congrats!

  14. Tina, the site looks awesome. I love the grid view. Excellent work. Congrats!

  15. Congratulations! Been kicking the tires and every looks and works brilliantly.

  16. Wonderful new design! And now, it’s easier to comment here. Now, I’ll be a more often commentator :)

  17. why the tiny font size? :(

  18. Do like, also wondering what’s up with the tiny font size

  19. Grid view is awesome. Nice work.

  20. Congrats on the awesome new site, Tina! Awesome job. I’m also loving the new grid view.

  21. Congrats, new design looks great!

  22. Thanks everyone! Yay! We will increase the font size! And Emily, in order to sort by category, click on ‘Filter by Category’ in they gray bar at the top. (Only works when you’re not on a detail view on a post, of course)

  23. Great job with the redesign and extra features. I’ve been visiting swiss miss since you launched it in 1954 [ ;) ], and I’ve loved it since then. Here’s to another half-century of design inspiration from the premier swiss miss.

  24. I think it looks amazing!

  25. Hi Tina,
    I’ve just started following your blog two months ago. Yours is the first blog I look at every day!! Love the new look, very clean and simplified.
    Keep up the good work – it makes my day!
    Glasgow, Scotland

  26. I love the redesign, good stuff guys!

  27. A great redesign to match the content. Nice work.

  28. great work tina – hold on to that wordpress guru of yours this is no easy task what he’s done here.

    best of luck with the new site!

  29. I am sooo happy you have a search now! Congratulations with the upgrade… I am green of envy (as we say in Spanish) I have been thinking in redesigning my blog for a long time but it is such a pain when you are not a webdesigner!

    The blogroll appears at the end of the page (just in IE not in Firefox) but I am sure someone is already working on that… and you have a search, you have a search, yeah, yeah, you have a search…

  30. like the new space. congrats on a job well done.

  31. like I said before, you are one of you nightly rituals, and what a surprise today! Beautiful!

    thanks for the daily inspiration, you’re doing great stuff!

  32. Tina, the new site looks great! Love the very subtle organisation and informational tidbits. Keep up the great work.

    PS, this page doesn’t seem to know I have a Gravatar account. Even though I do.

  33. woo-hoo! it’s beautiful, Tina.

  34. Looks Great Tina,

    You won’t be sorry that you moved to WordPress

  35. yuppihei! great design, the search function is perfect!!

  36. Looks really great!
    This grid-view brings this whole new level to your “visual archive”. I don’t know if I rather want to stick to the list view, since it represents more of a blog feeling.

  37. Why would I update the feed?? swiss-miss.com/feed redirects to the same old feeds2.feedburner.com/Swissmiss
    PS: I came here via the newsfeed

  38. congrats Tina, you totally Swissed-out your blog!! Looks gorgeous.

  39. Wow I can’t believe I missed that! I’m such a dunce. Thanks! Awesome job!

  40. these are the results of the austrian jury: great job! (no surprise :)

    one question: where are all the links gone? (well, i do not miss them in a matter of design, but i would love them finding with an extrapage.)

    thank you for beeing online. :)

  41. Thank you so much for all your thumbs up! John and I are both so excited! To answer some of your questions: The blogroll will come back on a separate page in the about section, give us some more time. Also, there will be a section called ‘studio’ featuring my design work. We’ve just haven’t gotten around to get all of this done at once. Let me know if there’s anything you think we could improve or doesn’t seem to work right.

  42. really sweet layout
    love your style

  43. Spiffy new site, swissmiss! Feels very alpine. :)
    Is your “network” section deprecated?

  44. I really like the concept of the grid-view. Especially because you use a lot of cool designed visuals in your posts.

  45. ey it’s so nice now. i love it, better than before for sure :)

    btw, i found something that probably you’re going to love/want/dream with/etc. take a look on this: http://thisisstar.com/?p=223

    it’s SO classy. i even love it and i’m not swiss ;P

  46. Congratulations, this looks wonderful Tina. Clean and modern, exactly your aesthetic. Perfect.

    As someone who moved a blog over from blogspot to my own domain last July, I UNDERSTAND how scary and weird this can all feel when you go big time like this but it is so worth it in the long run as you will see over the next months and years.



  47. As always my friend, You Rock!

  48. Superb redesign. Reading SwissMiss is my weekday morning ritual. Thanks for keeping this a great place to visit!

  49. It looks absolutely stunning. Congratulations on the move!

  50. Nicely done, looks excellent.

  51. Great redesign! I love it. Congratulations

  52. Wow away from the green to the red. No looks good, also I think it’s great you now got in on your own domain.
    Nice one Tina!

  53. Nice new design!

  54. I love it! Great work.

  55. It looks incredible, I love the placement of the comments and the splashes of red.

  56. Great redesign. I had to remember to come to the site and check it out. RSS feeds are convenient, but they do leave out much of the experience.

  57. The redesign is a stunning as I expected it to be. Well done!

  58. Font size increased! Awesome :)

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