Send and Receive Postal Mail Virtually: Zumbox


Zumbox is a free paperless postal mailbox for each street address in the U.S. It allows you to send and receive postal mail virtually. Qualified organizations can sign up for the Free Postage Program and send mail for free. Currently in beta.

(via ehub)

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  1. trying to wrap my head around this idea…Very cool!!

  2. I read last year that they thought about doing it in Switzerland too, but the privacy issues worried them too much, never heard of it after that :/ I think it would be cool, less paper around.

  3. Is this a joke? How is this different from email?

  4. Thought this was cool too, until I sign-up in haste and then read the terms (obvious lesson learned there, dah me!). Terms state that you participate in forwarding your mail to them and I am not cool with that. I e-mailed them and asked that my account be retracted and they responded stating that this is only mail from one zumbox account to another zumbox account. So I concur, this has to be like e-mail.