CreativeTechs Tipp: Convert InDesign layouts to Microsoft Word.


Every graphic designer eventually finds themselves facing this client request. You’ve designed a newsletter layout in Adobe InDesign. The client loves it, but they want a template in Microsoft Word they can edit themselves. There isn’t a perfect solution, but here is a technique that does a surprisingly good job. Full Tip: Convert InDesign layouts to Microsoft Word.

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  1. Very helpful, thanks!

  2. Really useful – that should save me lots of time! Now I just need to find a way to explain the difference between InDesign and PowerPoint files to clients…

  3. For the ones like me who hate making presentation with Powerpoint but have to because they are working for huge a Powerpoint driven corporation, an equivalent would be appreciated for InDesign to Powerpoint conversions.

  4. Oh… but people pay me money to do that very job. AND I’m good at it.