For Sale: Bruno LeChair


Please meet Bruno, my vintage home office chair of 9 years. Bruno is up for adoption. He is a very flexible pal; he let’s you adjust seat height and he *loves* office chair races. Email me (forsale [at] if you think you could provide a loving new home for Bruno LeChair.

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  1. There is already one Bruno in my house (my baby)- I’m afraid he would be jealous!

  2. Too bad I’m not home in NJ or I would gladly adopt and take care of Bruno!

  3. Oh I would love to welcome Bruno in my home… but I am afraid home is all the way back in Switzerland…

  4. Hi! I’d like to demix your Bruno chair as I’m doing with all that old stuff I find everywhere…this would be part of my “Spa project” which you can read more about at ( and (
    More re-furniture soon to come!

    I am a Swissmiss lover, really hope to visit your studio in NYC…my congrats :)

    Goodbye and have a nice day! Alex

  5. Really Stylish!

  6. Hi Is Bruno still available, can he travel – I am in London. [email protected]

  7. I already have an office chair, but it looks cute.