Little Red Riding Hood Re-interpreted

Slagsmålsklubben – Sponsored by destiny from Tomas Nilsson on Vimeo.

(via oneplusinfinity)

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  1. are you mad at me? Usually you say via Tim and now im (via oneplusinfinity), so sad.

  2. Loved this video. Thanks for this.

  3. Love this. Thanks so much. My friends and I are doing our own interpretation of Little Red, except it’s in the form of a round-robin exquisite-corpse-like storytelling experiment. It’s our space to exercise writing muscles and web design muscles (inspired by Jason Santa Maria’s ever-morphing blog). We’re still on our first story:

  4. nice! is this inspired by “royksopp – remind me” (check http://www

    ) or are they both inspired by a source i don’t know yet?

    if embedding works here, you should see the royksopp video, if not theres alot of senseless code:
    Remind Me from Röyksopp on Vimeo

  5. Wow, great find.

  6. Yeah, basically a direct rip off of Røyksopp’s “Remind me”. Shame.