Mini Recycled Notebooks


These 100% recycled mini notebooks made me look. Letterpress printed in gold ink these notebooks are sure to be great for everyday use.

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  1. the gold ink seems to defeat the purpose of having it be 100% recycled. i’m not sure how it is nowadays, but i remembered printing with metallics is bad for the environment.

  2. Oh come on, you got to give them a little slack. They’re already using recycled paper and they buy wind power. They’re doing a better job than most paper companies out there. I’m all about green and the eco thing too, the 100% recycled and made in USA was good enough for me. I just bought ‘Gossip’ for all my friends on their site.

  3. is it me or is it really unclear as to how to buy these off their site? i can’t find a link.


  4. joe –
    here’s the link to buy their notebooks:

    super great gift idea!