All-In-One Card Stamp


Why buy many cards for different occasions if you can have an “One Card for All Occasions Stamp”? It saves time, money and headache. All-In-One Card Stamp by Ji Lee.

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  1. Darn! Another idea stolen! I know somebody had a microphone in my house (where I talked about it).
    Gotta be quicker next time.

  2. omigosh that is so great! i totally need one of those :)

  3. Didn’t those come out a while ago? I think a friend of mine had made about a hundred cards with that stamp, featuring a semi-nude photo of herself giving the thumbs up. I think that was in 2002…

  4. What a great idea!

  5. Fantastic! I especially love that there’s a “Go to hell!” option.

  6. I really like these, but I don’t know if I would use it for “Deepest Condolences!” Feels a little insincere.

  7. I agree with jamie, it saves time for the sender, but I don’t want to receive one of this, it’s really impersonal. Imagine if I have someone passed away in my family and I got a mark on the Deepest Condolences….hm…it’s like the condolences is really a after thought, like to mark your dim sum order in a Chinese restaurant. To me, it’s more than just insincere, it’s kind of offending really. I would rather recieve nothing at all.

    I don’t think to give congratulations/celebrations/condolences messages is something can be done in a All in one manner. It’s demeaning to the ones who receive it, especially there’s a go to hell option…

  8. @Yellowgoat: This is meant to be humorous. ;)

  9. Yes, the presence of the option “condolences” aren’t meant for using it, but for amuse somebody that received the card as a birthday card.

  10. I don’t think it’s meant to be impersonal or thoughtless. It’s a fun card and a creative design.

  11. Good idea! I like this “saving headache” solution :)
    It does make me think of Daniel Eatock and his postcards.

  12. Yellowgoat ‘s response is a good lesson that I need to encounter periodically: I can never assume that humor or subtlety will be automatically understood; there are literalists in the world who see in very straight and black & white terms

  13. Now that a great use of a rubber stamp!

  14. I’m a little humor-less maybe, but Yellowgoat was kidding. . . right? Given that her name is yellowgoat. . .?
    Yeah – I think she’s funnier than she got credit for.
    She or he. :))

  15. Are these up for sale anywhere by any chance? :D


  16. Stamp should be flipped horizontally.

  17. Why bother trying to be completely understood by anyone? What a joke!

  18. i’m dying over “go to hell!”

  19. nice photoshop :)

  20. Just love the idea (and even have to love Yellowgoat’s comment which proves the entire idea to be even more hilarious ;-)

  21. This is hilarious! I’d totally use this to give as actual cards to family. It’s better than Hallmark!

  22. So who left Kwanzaa out?

  23. This also look a bit like the improved, more sensitive, letter regarding the fallen that Joseph Heller wrote of in Catch-22: “Dear Mrs., Mr., Miss, or Mr. and Mrs.__: Words cannot express the deep personal grief I experienced when your husband, son, father or brother was killed, wounded, or reported missing in action.”

  24. Yes, Mr. F. When will they create that stamp?

  25. I got one of these from a friend years ago! It was hilarious – “congratulations” was checked and a $5 bill left inside. The best part was I did nothing to earn the congratulations haha, (weird). I wish I would have saved it to compare the two in case these have been around a while. Just make some custom stamps, sure they would do it.

  26. They HAVE been around for a while. And there’s no Bat/Bar Mitzvah option. You should have to circle either “Bat” or “Bar”, then check. Also, what’s with the no Passover?

  27. this is almost better than recycling old used cards!

  28. Oh, you forgot groundhog day!

  29. Great idea! ‘Go to hell’…ha!

  30. LMAO thats a great one. Wonder where I can get one.

  31. I’d give this to someone I don’t really like.

  32. You don’t celebrate Ramadan, you celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr. Just saying.

  33. Excuse me, I celebrate Ramadan. I also celebrate the month of August. Did you mean “one doesn’t celebrate Ramadan, one celebrates Eid-ul-Fitr” ?

  34. are you able to buy these?
    if so where ?

  35. cool but i think the stamp is flipped ^_^

  36. I don’t see why people are saying that it could be insincere. I’m generally pretty busy and I think my friends would understand if I stamped the card and checked off “Deepest condolences” if, say, they were getting a divorce or someone’s grandmother died. If they do NOT understand, I can always send them a follow up card with “Go to hell” checked off because of their lack of understanding of my situation. It’s really win-win.

  37. Thank you for putting the apostrophes in the right place

  38. I like it! Maybe they could release one with ‘you are 8/9/10/11/12 etc.’ and you could tick the box for the age of the person. More personal that way.

  39. Here’s an idea for a useful, general purpose stamp: How about one that was just blank, and you could write anything on the card you wanted? It would be universal, wouldn’t leave out your favorite holiday or sentiment, and would contain plenty of room for comments. You would even have a place at the bottom to write your name. You could dash one off at a moment’s notice, to anyone anywhere. The cards could even be mailed, with or without an envelope. Imagine the possibilities!

  40. You, Mr. F, are a genius.

  41. We had business cards that looked like that at some stage, had options like ‘Head Cahoona’, ‘Internet Geek’, ‘Raging alcoholic’ and another 10 or so funny ones. Was well accepted and always a conversation piece…

  42. Its great!!! whoever thought this one up should be commended!

  43. Deepest condolences with a five dollar bill would be nice.
    I can make these or other custom ones if people realy want them.
    Happy to help.

    email me at [email protected]

  44. Where do i buy this?

  45. where can i buy this?

  46. What would be even cooler is a rotating stamp where you could select the specific greeting you want for the occasion.

  47. thats very cool
    can any one tell us how to make a stamp like that ?

  48. Maybe the deepest condolences could be checked along with checking happy birthday… I’m just sayin.

    Or even funnier, write in your left out holiday at the bottom and check it ourself.

    Get creative… decorate the frame, stamp it all over plain wrapping paper, on the inside of a book given as a present, inside a crappy blank card, ideas are endless. I like the stamp.