Qapture, an “of the moment” aggregator

Qapture offers insight into some of the most interesting folks on Twitter, sharing the links that capture what’s on their minds right now. Think of Qapture as an “of the moment” aggregator. It’s Big Spaceship’s shot at capturing and freeze-framing the finest thoughts that stream through Twitter, all while keeping up with the flow.

As a start, they created categories that fall into the field of digital communications – things like strategy and design. Their plan is to broaden these over time, maybe delving into pop culture, food or humor. Send your category ideas their way: feedback [at]

I feel honored to be one of the ‘contributors’.

(thank you michael)

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  1. This really reminds me of tweeeeet ->

    Interesting to see how far twitter and 3rd party web apps are evolving! It’s out of control… in a good way :)

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