Copper Mountain Style


The Copper Mountain PR Peeps made me laugh with the contents of a package I just opened! They sent me a note that started with “Dear attractive male or female blogger” and ended with “ps: I hope you enjoy the goods I sent along with this letter. Straight up bribe style. Just like the 70’s.” It made me laugh and the glasses are just fab. Oh, and yeah and check out the nationalsnowday movies and learn more about the movement. I’ll go and show off these fab glasses to my studio mates now.

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  1. targeting bloggers seems to be such an efficient (and cheap) form of advertising nowadays. (think coraline box- i’m not too sure how i feel about this just yet, considering we’re constantly bombarde by advertisements where ever we go. however, i’m sure i won’t be the first to admit just how many of my purchases are affected by the blogosphere.

  2. just read an article about wexley school for girls in the march issue of inc. mag and it talked a bit about the work on national snow day for copper mountain. the glasses are totally fab!