That’s my kind of USB Drive


The iamaKey comes in 4GB and 8GB capacities and starts at $17.99.

(via chrisglass)

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  1. this is really a great idea – and it looks perfectly “right”.

    If that makes any sense…

  2. ooh! lovely. I want one!!

  3. wow !!! My birthday is on May 20th!!! Any of you want to buy it for me ???


  4. This post has motivated me to buy one

  5. sleek and awesome! *want*

  6. One Lacie iamakey – check!
    It’s a collectible :-)

  7. I’d love one of these, really does just look right as matthew above said.
    Strangely enough I’m also quite attracted to the actual ring it’s attached to, very slick compared to the boring bog standard ones.

    I think I’d just like that whole set of keys.

  8. sooooooooo nice!

  9. …and i just ordered mines.

  10. any volunteers to send me one from us to europe? :]

  11. Amazon UK have them! (Just bought one!)

  12. I will definitely be ordering one of these. Fantastic idea.

  13. I wish I had this keychain! It’s so minimalist, I love it!

  14. Those above, commenting on the key ring itself:

    It may be from Tiffany’s. Very closely resembles their classic key ring.

  15. I love it – now where are my keys?

  16. I just bought a zip drive last night paid 11.00 for it…I am going to buy one of these now and return the one I just bought…This is awesome. Thanks for the tip

  17. I love it too. But why would one need a 4GB USB drive in times of cloud computing? With getdropbox or a .Mac account you can access your data everywhere, no need to carry it around.

  18. niiiiice! :)

  19. Aweomse. Got one of these from in the UK currently awaiting delivery. Hopefully not too long now, definitely the dopest USB key ever!

  20. Don’t need it but still… I WANT IT!

  21. So after seeing this a few days ago I ordered one and it arrived in the mail yesterday. Its excellent. It even has a little icon image attached, so when you open it with My Computer it shows up with a mini pic of itself. Anyways, I love it and have added it to my key ring!