Mr Switch


John Caswell is looking for a manufacturer for his playful switch plate called, well, Mr Switch!

(via minordetails)

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  1. An option would be to use
    They are a prototype service that some use to JIT manufacture.
    They offer a wide range of materials and cut from illustrator files.

  2. I was going to say the same thing as Trey, above.

    Ponoko is a great service, and there’s already some industry success stories of how Ponoko products end up on some pretty high profile shelves…

    Wish I thought of it first!

    P.S. I luuurrrve Mr. Switch!

  3. How could anyone turn that idea down?! The face is absolutely perfect and it would look fantastic in a wee one’s bedroom.

  4. omg, i totally needed this link, trey. thanks for the info! and re: mr. switch, totally cute.

  5. OMG it’s amazing.

  6. Can we have an image when switched on (with nose up) ?

  7. I’d have those on my house.

  8. So in an attempt to stop children playing with plug sockets, lets create one that looks like a toy…

  9. Except it’s not a plug socket.
    It’s a light switch.

  10. whoops…my bad…in that case brilliant

  11. I want some! Great idea!

  12. I too would like to see it with the switch flipped…

  13. “Oh, hey guys. Did you want light? Sure! Let me know when it’s dark ^_^ <3”

  14. Love it!

    Please also add a photo with the switch turned the other way. :-)

  15. I like it so much. How can i have one? any ideas?