A bottle of ‘vino’ I would buy.


I admit it, I judge wine by its label. This design by Moruba gets my thumbs up.

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  1. I don’t drink wine, so I only judge wines by their label. I love wine marketing.

  2. I love wine design, there’s so much great stuff out there. I quite like this Australian one too that I saw on this blog below

  3. Another super cool wine from the dieline.

  4. This is a nice design. But I was immediately reminded of Dave Werner’s design for Mondavi at http://www.okaydave.com

  5. Wow, that packaging is sexy.

  6. Have you seen these:

    (just a sample link. I first saw – and tasted them – at Hadsten Whiskymesse two weeks ago. Wow! was the verdict overall.)