Tom Gauld Sketchbook


Tom Gauld’s Sketchbook. Wow.

(thank you jon)

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  1. wow is the right expression. definitely wow!

  2. Great stuff. I’m actually kinda curious to what kind of sketch book that is. I’m diggin’ the yellow coils.

  3. How does he keep it so clean?! No wasted ink there.

  4. Wow those are amazing! I really need to draw more. Way more …

  5. Wow. Thank you all very much. The sketchbooks are F2 Art Spiral by Maruman ( and just in case anyone is interested, the pens I use are ballpens a ‘uni-ball eye micro’ or a ‘pilot G-tec-C4’. I should also point out that although my sketchbooks are all in this ‘style’ I cherry-pick the nicer pages to put on flickr.

  6. Very nice. There’s something very attractive about that page. Instead of being overwheimed and wanting to ignore it, I want to look closer.

  7. i am so jealous of neat sketchbook keepers. i remember there were many in cooper union when i was in school there. i imagine that having volumes of those and looking through them would be like hearing an old album you loved at one time and didn’t hear for years.

  8. similar in concept, The Election Collection by Chris Piascik:

  9. correction, the election related one is here: