Ctrl – Alt – Del Pillows


Ctrl – Alt – Del Pillow Set. Made me smile. How much do I love nerdy stuff like this?

(via ignant and neatorama)

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  1. nice! Now they just need to make some command z pillows.

  2. If you fall asleep with one of these under your head can you Google search your dreams?

  3. I agree, there should be a Mac version too :-)

    How about a cushion (these are more cushion than pillow im my opinion) for every key on the keyboard with the shifted characters on the reverse side.

    I could go on, but I won’t :-)

  4. Nice Brian, CMD+Z pillows! Go ahead and make them, I bet you’d sell a lot!

  5. i wanna meet someone who owns these and the enter rug in your previous post! lol so deliciously nerdy, i love it.

  6. Isn’t it Control+Z?

  7. CMD+Z = Mac
    CTRL+Z = Windoze

    I like the idea of the entire keyboard tho’ – LOL!

  8. Cool. Reboot in your sleep :-)

  9. CMD+Option+ESC is the Mac equivalent of CTRL+ALT+DEL

  10. I LOVE this. How clever!

  11. Well, I want a command + Z pillow so I can lay my head down and pretend like this day never happened.

  12. ⌘Q Quit/Exit
    ⌘Z Undo :)

  13. We’ve got the CTRL ALT DEL, the Throwboys, and now there’s MySuiteStuff. Oh man. Adobe icons!


  14. I think for Unix there should be one pillow, black in color with string: shutdown -h now :) Especialy for Unix fans.

  15. ctrl alt del :P love the pillows i want them sell them to me. Last time i had likike smth this much i customized my bike at bicycle motor so what will happen now

  16. The first thing I thought (other than “that’s so cool!”) was that thy are in the wrong order. Nerdy and OCD.