Career Evolution in Advertising


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  1. Haha, true, but kinda sad too. This gives no glory to the practitioners, it’s all about management. So many talented people enter an ad agency young, poor, and passionate, but leave it old, rich, and grumpy.

  2. Only a few leave it old rich and grumpy. Most just leave it old and grumpy.

  3. Does anyone still use Quark Xpress?

  4. No QuarkXpress, but tons and tons of InDesign. But I don’t think I fall in the category of advertising…

    Funny, Prescott. My version, the small business owner version, would include the champagne at the top, the mop and bucket at the bottom, and all possible apps in between.

  5. i don’t even know what the “E”, “X”, or “P” logos represent. That must make me an intern

  6. LOL. WHat I still dont understand is why designer is a step before Art Director in this world. The rule of the AD/Copy duet has to end. Designer rule!

  7. my interest in advertising waxes and wanes for these very reasons. boo.

  8. When saw this I was thinking about what is the copywriter one. Microsoft word forever.

  9. I really don’t agree with this for several reasons… First of all anyone who uses Dreamweaver won’t get a job at a real agency. Second Flash is loosing steam super fast, the agencies that are making the big money right now are full on JavaScript animators.

    Design is shifting towards working prototypes, we design with our HTML/CSS and take pages and applications to market way faster that way.

    This is a chart of an agency from 2002 or something.

    Besides that it has some thought to it…

  10. funny.
    No InDesign in advertising? That explains a lot…

  11. I am an AD and I would die without InDesign. I used to write all of my college papers in it and, needless to say, use it to create all of my ads… even for web stuff (that I then send to the interactive people who make it live, unless they demand photoshop :)

  12. are those CS2 or 3 icons? Should update to CS4 ;)

  13. HAHA! I actually tweeted this earlier. Found it through Yay!Everyday

  14. Media-version:

  15. congrats to all the ACDs! ur most knowledgeable at this stage! :)

  16. great jaja, it’s really nice, and fun !

  17. perect, true & disturbing. I am 3/4 there. Dammit

  18. To Joseph Silvashy.
    Are you serious?
    Are you a serious person?
    Are you a tutor at a crit?

  19. @Raoul, I am serious… a serious person, as for credentials I own an agency which does production company some major companies.


    I am also a professor in the masters department in the School of Advertising at Academy of Art University.

    No need for flame wars here. These are my observations of a shift that is happening on the web. Remember Flash is a proprietary technology and is naturally subject to competitive forces.

    HTML5 will likely change much of the way interactivity on the web is delivered, but that may be a few years away also.

  20. Mr. Silvashy,

    I appreciate that you have an opinion, but it was stated pretty much like fact.

    If you think its fact, you could not be more wrong. Numerous ‘real’ agencies use DW – I assume more than you realize. Also, Flash has never been more widely used and accepted as it is today. I would hardly say its losing steam.

  21. “Design is shifting towards working prototypes, we design with our HTML/CSS and take pages and applications to market way faster that way.” @Joseph Silvashy

    I believe prototype code is and should be vastly different than production code. Two situations tend to result from this sort of process. 1) Inferior rapid prototyping code sneaks into the final product. 2) Superior, but costly code is written upfront, making the prototype resistant to change/iteration. Either situation can become time costly.

    Forcing the interactive prototype to done in another technology (Flash, Axure, Adobe Catalyst, even paper) is a helpful means to avoid these situations. And as these tools continue to mature, so will their efficiency in use.

  22. Fabulous!

  23. the e x and p are the symbols for microsoft office for the mac. x = excel, e = entourage (like a calendar) and p = powerpoint

  24. love it a lot but
    time span missing in it
    wondering when I will become AD?

  25. Funny stuff, looks like the ACD has it the worst.