CreativeSuite Pillows


The whole creative suite for only $80. Its a *suite* deal.

(thank you Sam)

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  1. Ha, yay! I know John and Amanda’s fingers have to be super sore by now.

  2. So precious and so nerdy!

  3. i heard they bounce, annoyingly, up and down on the couch when they need washing..

  4. Psh-I want CS4 pillows!

  5. I don’t get it.. what do the letters mean?

  6. If you don’t know what they mean… you’re probably not going to enjoy finding out.

  7. The change from ALL CAPS to first letter CAP is irritating. Always wanted to know what I didn’t like about these logos. Now I got it.
    Ai and Fl, but ID and AE…

  8. As if one didnt spend enough time in front of the computer… Next thing, I will see the pillows bouncing up and down calling my attention!

  9. nice said Bohoe… but only MAC user can understand this…

  10. I wonder if they cannot be used sometimes due to a program error.

  11. Im unsure, Sclizott, but surely you can drag and drop them.

  12. 1) Would go perfectly with the Alt-Ctrl-Del pillows – makes me want pillows for all my desktop icons now.

    2) Thanks so much swissmiss for your the tags you include with each of your posts. The “gift ideas” tag makes for an easy starting point for gift idea inspiration.

  13. @heather To answer a couple of questions… the thought process behind going with the CS3 icons was simply because… the white looked way better (in our opinion) than the black.

    @Kate No Bridge because John and Amanda don’t really use Bridge in their day to day work flow, they wanted to make the pillows that correspond with the software they use most.

    @sclizott If there’s a program error, you’re more than welcome to punch it, throw it, and then later… apologize and cuddle with it.

  14. Very cool gift idea for a designer. Very nice!!

  15. I love these. $80 is a great deal. Did you see these super nerdy pillows?

    -> …pretty nice also

  16. Heather — If you send it the upgrade fee, the download will start and the letters on your pillows will turn black.

  17. @Phil Yeah, that’s always annoyed me too. And why is Adobe Illustrator “Ai” when all of the others also have ‘Adobe’ in their titles?

    Additionally (although I freely admit it’s nit-picking): why does the lowercase “i” in “Ai” extend higher than the “A”, when the uppercase “D” in “ID” and “E” in “AE” are shorter? Makes no sense at all. *Sigh*

  18. these are great!

  19. Noooo I do not want ADOBE to have an advertising on my sofa. Stop Adobe monopoly !

  20. @Colin – Not saying I agree with their decisions, but it’s probably like this:

    Ai is much more easily recognized as Illustrator that Il is. (capital I, lower case L. looks like roman numeral 2)

    InDesign is the only camel-cased product name. (They probably should’ve gone with In, but i think they were trying to avoid the capital I / lower case L ambiguity altogether.)

    After Effects is two words.

    I assume the decision to use upper/lower all-caps for InDesign and After Effects was because of their unique naming when compared to Photoshop, etc. Also, they couldn’t use Ae for After Effects because of the corner they pasted themselves into with the Illustrator icon. “Ae? Adobe Effects?”

    Just my stream-of-consciousness though process! :)

  21. Haha I love this, I should buy some for the Adobe lunch lounge