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I echo Chris : Can you fall in love with a portfolio? (Yes, you can!)

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  1. I don’t get what you love about this? The layout of the pages? The work is awful. It’s a bunch of rather poorly drawn computer art. It’s obvious that the computer was making the decisions and the designer was following along. Almost all of it is flat and I’ve seen it before. The one or two decent pieces are so obviously and so deeply inspired (one could say lifted) from art/color/design studies that anyone could find in an art history, design or color theory book. There is no design sensitivity here or even any real thinking.

  2. I didn’t just like the work, I liked the thumbnails of the work and that’s normally a pet peeve of mine on portfolio sites. Great colors!

  3. i love the look of the homepage BUT i couldn’t find an easy/intuitive way to navigate between projects. i had to go back to the homepage and click another thumbnail. since thumbnails are similar, it was difficult to remember what i had already clicked on.

  4. I really like the classic Danish Folle’s paper knife too

  5. rich is clearly jealous.