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We had a fantastic CreativeMorning(s) at Google’s NYC offices this morning. A big thank you to Google, for not only hosting but also sponsoring an amazing breakfast. A big thank you to Andy Bonventre for talking on the topic of the collaboration of designers and engineers. And last but not least: A warm thank you to our Virtual Guest, John Ford, skyping in from Greensboro, NC.

I am still giddy about the fact that we got to tour the Google Offices! Whee!

I started a small experiment this morning, that I am planning on carrying through the next CreativeMornings. I asked people to print out a nametag-like paper titled “Talk to me about….” I *loved* that some of you actually took the time to ‘design’ the batch. Take for example this one. My question to those of you who attended this morning’s event: Did it spark a conversation? What should the next one say/ask? (See most of the tags of this morning here)

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  1. I wish I had the opportunity to attend but one of these days I will! I just wanted to stop by say hello and wish you all a great weekend! Have fun in the sun.

  2. Best comments of the event*:


    The tag of John Ford (the eminently good-natured Skype participant): “I am not wearing any pants.”

    We wish we could have been likewise, John!


    Tina (in response to Andy describing challenges collaborating with a designer): “Why do think it was that you found he was so difficult to work with?”

    Andy: “Well, it was a she.”

    [Awkward laughter, stumbling recovery by Andy]


    Audience member, on Andy’s footnoted Master’s Degree in Human-Computer Interaction: “Tell me, did they ever teach anything about human-*human* interaction?”


    Joe The Designer, called to the stage to elaborate extemporaneously on the effect of Andy’s design/engineering philosophy on the designers with whom he collaborates: ” Well…[…insert misc. thoughtful if vague reflections involving forests, trees, etc…] So, does that answer the question?”

    Andy: “No.”

    [Cue Andy proceeding to circumlocute around the same question.]


    *Disclaimer: All of this is imperfectly recalled, can’t find the video! And of course, all in good fun to Bons and Joe, especially, who spoke very well on the spot.

  3. I live in lOndon, so I couldn’t come. I wish this had taken place in London though!

  4. That is so awesome!! I think I am going to wear those Talk to Me About tags all the time with various topics I want people to strike up conversation with me about. Like on the train, in the store, Jay Street, etc..