I share, therefore I am.

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  1. Thanks for sharing all your thoughts on the blog – I am a big fan. PS. Have you seen this typeface? http://www.frudru.com/roggbif.html

  2. Fabulous piece and OH SO TRUE!

  3. When you read Dangerous Liaisons it is obvious that people (writers in particular) have been engaging in life experiences for the purpose of talking about them later long before mobile phones. But just like the present availability of fats is now causing an obesity epidemic in a population (us) who has been craving for them throughout its evolutionary history, the present availability of recording devices makes the fundamental insincerity of supposedly shared experiences much easier to see…

  4. it should be “I Sell” there fore i am. maybe we could have a vibrant economy if people realized they could make money rather than just give it away.

  5. Congrats for being mentioned as one of the 111 most important people in the internet by informationarchitects.jp

  6. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  7. So true. In grade 12 our education should be incredibly important to us, what with our marks deciding if we can go to university and all, and yet most students still text during class anyways, often while the teachers talking.
    Apparently we feel we need to be connected more than we feel we need to be educated.

    Tha made me think about how many teenagers are so used to having to hide their texting during school, if they’re at a desk their phone will stay under it, even during lunch. I’ve even found myself texting under my computer desk.

  8. The is clip is stellar stuff. However, I could not help but noticing a tragic fault.When I tried to ‘share’ this on my facebook all I could do is embed(which facebook doesn’t let you do) or post it as a link which may be fine for some. Shouldn’t not be the point of the exercise be with TED, especially since their slogan is “ideas worth sharing”, that they at least make their sharing functions more massbook/ social networking friendly. I mean come on “let’s make technologies that make people more human not less”.