cabledropjpgCableDrop is a simple cable holder with an adhesive back that you can easily stick anywhere. It can hold your USB cables, earphones or pen.

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  1. these would be better with a suction cup instead of adhesive. Do you really need to be scraping off all these plastic blobs every time you wan to rearrange your desk or get a new piece of tech?

  2. I think this is very clever. Suction cups don’t work all that well if the surface is a little bumpy.

  3. This is really smart, I’m constantly moving my laptop off my desk and when I unplug the cords they all go nuts off my desk, in a tangle on the floor! I’d buy some right now if I could find a site that sold them in english!

  4. Great! Where can we get them (in New York)?

  5. Neat idea, but these totally look like multicultural buttcheeks. Sorry. :)

  6. buttcheeks or not, these need to be imported YESTERDAY

  7. Ok, laughed with miss m, but then had to agree with chris.

  8. Every time my cord hits the floor when I take my laptop into the next room I’m slightly annoyed. This is genius!

  9. as far as what they look like… personally, I think they look like little Furby beaks ->

  10. A large binder clamp clipped to the edge of your desk works just as well. Clip it with enough room to feed cords through, and then snug it up so they can move but can’t slip out. I keep a pair of scissors hanging off my desk in the silver handles, too.

  11. aaw thats what i need

  12. these cable rangers are adorable. Hey swissmiss, I cant find a sharethis button to send it to my friends from my iPhone. Maybe I just can’t see it on the mobile browser…

  13. Cool. I found them at – in the 23rd street store.