CreativeMornings with Michael Surtees


Last Friday Michael Surtees of DesignNotes gave a fantastic talk on agile design at our May CreativeMornings. A big thank you to our host Daylife and breakfast sponsor Core-Industries.

In his 10 minute talk, Michael was sharing a pretty broad view of agile design. The idea of iterating isn’t something that only happens in an agile process, but letting go of perfection on the first try is a hard concept to grapple. Michael posted the links from his resources slides, check them here.

A big thank you also to our Virtual Guest James A. Reeves who was joining us from Helsinki Finland. James is a writer, teacher, designer and co-foundeder Red Antenna, a creative studio in New York City. James also writes about chivalry, typography, and techno music at

A video of Michael’s talk will go up shortly! Watch the video of Michael’s talk.

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  1. This is exciting. Wish I could be there.

  2. Are you going to post a video soon? Please, I can’t wait!

  3. Rob, I know! I know! I am sorry but our Film Guy Rolo was traveling and he emailed me yesterday that he is working on it. It should be up any day now.