CreativeMornings, June 5th, with Khoi Vinh

Sorry, we're full
I don’t think I can be any more excited about the announcement of an upcoming CreativeMornings! (A tad bit more and I’d burst.)

Our speaker at the CreativeMornings on June 5th, 2009, is much respected Khoi Vinh, Design Director of the NYTimes and force behind The Title of Khoi’s talk: Everything I Know About Design I Learned in the 90s. It will be a look at how one designer’s early attitudes and assumptions about how design works have weathered the past fifteen years, for better or worse.

Interested in attending? Make sure to r.s.v.p via email quickly as we usually fill up within a few hours. Please tell us your name and what industry you’re in. CreativeMornings start at 8.30am, end at 10am and are FREE of charge.

I am very sorry but we have already reached full capacity. This was a new record, we filled up within an hour. Khoi, you’re a star!

A big thank you to Marc and Sara Schiller of Electric Artists for hosting yet another CreativeMornings event at MEET, an impressive storefront apartment-like space in the middle of Soho. MEET is a dedicated space in New York where creative and business executives can gather to re-imageine a business, re-invent a product or pitch potential clients. Check out the images on their site, the space is fantastic!

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Breakfast will be generously sponsored by MailChimp, a fantastic service that makes it easy to send email newsletters to your customers, manage your subscriber lists, and track campaign performance. Yay!


CreativeMornings? ‘CreativeMornings’ is a monthly morning gathering of creative types. Each event includes a 10 minute lecture, followed by a 20 minute group discussion. The gathering begins at 8:30am with the topic presentation starting at 9:00am. The whole thing closes down at 10am. The events are hosted at studios/gallery spaces in NYC. (We are always looking for potential hosts that are willing to accomodate 50+ people. Please email us if you’re interested in hosting or sponsoring one of our events!)

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  1. Im here in San Francisco wishing I was there in NY!

  2. I’m so jealous! Events like this make me want to live in NY.
    Enjoy it!

  3. Too bad I missed the sign up time for this one. I can’t wait to go to one of these, and I’ll just have to be ready to RSVP!

  4. I am very sorry for those of you that missed the rsvp-window. Unfortunately space is limited. Follow us on twitter and you’ll be the first to know when the next CreativeMorning is going to take place.