Font shirt


Font shirt. Get yours here.

(via tim)

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  1. why is anything with a font on it design worthy~ ?

  2. The t-shirt’s very nice and all, but what really stands out to me is the completely awesome way of presenting it.

    I’m off to buy a fan…

  3. I would wear it, but I don’t think I am quite cool enough to get away with it!

  4. Where’s Myriad Pro (light)? My standard and unoriginal go-to font?
    Also, as a Wes Anderson fan, I’d have preferred Futura Bold.

    Awesome nonetheless.

  5. oh daniel!

  6. Ah great, I don’t need any more font t-shirts to lust after.

  7. jaw drop*
    the font on tshirt fever always struck me.
    over again and again.

  8. Gosh… I want that just because it says Helvetica. I love Switzerland!