Elephant Bottle Opener

Elephant Bottle Opener

Elephant Bottle Opener. Another great gift.

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  1. This is incredible cute!

  2. I wonder if their is a chance that Mr. Jensen sold this to UO, but their track record might lead me to believe otherwise.

  3. Cute! As one of the other comments said though, it does remind of something else.

  4. i’m pretty smitten. uo does have a history of ‘stealing’ design, even from their own contracted designers, but perhaps it’s become the cost of affordable design?

  5. from UO: “Created with precision and quality craftsmanship by Jergen Moller for luxury design company, Georg Jensen. ” FWIW

  6. I would have thought it was a kiwi, not an elephant.

  7. I didn’t even notice that Georg Jensen was the name of the shop, lol. Good catch slowe.

  8. very elegant and a Kiwi was a a good shout.

  9. Hope have an opportunity to cooperate with you for the product of bottle opener and others.Tks! Sam

  10. Nice design. Rip off though??