I want to redesign…


A new element of my CreativeMornings is the Conversation-Starter-Name-Tag experiment where I ask our attendees a question and they then display their answer like a name tag. Today’s question was: “What would you like to redesign?” See all of the answers here. What should I ask next week? And what would your answer have been? Tell us in a comment below.

(Another post about Michael’s fab talk at this morning’s CreativeMorning(s) will go up (hopefully) later today!)

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  1. Ah, sad I missed this… what a terrible time for me to get sick!

  2. 1. What would I redesign: my bum!

    2. Next week’s question: If you were a font what would you be?

  3. Fun times. Good to meet everyone.

    Biggest takeaway for me was the idea that it’s PERFECTION that is the known unknown in digital, agile design/development environments.

    Good stuff, and thanks for organizing!

  4. I’d redesign the ‘moonpig’ logo and adverts. It’d be insanely easy to make better.

  5. What i would redesign? MEXICO CITY, PLEASE !

  6. my company’s attitude/lack of respect for the design process.
    and my own site :)

  7. Hm. Just was talking about this.

    A kleenex box. They’re always so overdone.


    What character from a book would you like to be for just one day?

  9. 1\ Twitter
    2\ Which designer you would like to meet? Dead or alive.

  10. The W3C website! It may be stanard compliant but it sure sucks ass!

  11. I want to redesign my local grocery store’s parking lot! (it’s the WORST!)

    as for another question: My favorite word is…..

    My favorite word is “misimpressive”, which I kind of made up because I couldn’t think of a better word to use that day to describe being impressed with something initially, but then to be mistaken. Misimpressive!

  12. gov forms. what a disaster!

  13. American Airlines.
    Vignelli is a master and I happen to like Helvetica, but AA’s identity is old and tired. Truth in advertising, because so is the airline. I believe though that a redesign of a logo and identity can invigorate a company if done correctly and supported adequately by management. I really would have loved doing SWISS after the demise of Swissair…

  14. I would like to redesign Home Depot products, like their doors and cabinetry. I think they’re all boring and clunky-looking and they’re in everybody’s apartments and homes because they’re low-cost.

  15. i would redesign the transportation network in the New York City Tri-State area in regards to subways, trains, highways, bridges, and tunnels with a focus on improving access to all major airports.

  16. i would redesign the iPhone menu :)

  17. No contest: Florida’s 2000 election ballot.

  18. The London Summer Olympics Brand.

  19. Oh, I see I’m not the first one on this project: kleenex boxes. I soooo despise them!

  20. By the way, in case any of you were wondering, this was my answer: http://www.flickr.com/photos/creativemornings/3513294792/

  21. I would redesign tenants. They would be pleasant and pay on time.

    Question: What is your favorite shape?

  22. Besides my own site… The misunderstanding of the value of design outside the design industry. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just bid a job and the client said, “For what I’m getting, that’s a great value! You should charge more!”

    And Swiffer pads. Highly ineffective, for all that ingenuity.

  23. Meetings suck. Sorry I missed you this morning Tina (and Michael) (and Rolo)

    “I would like to redesign my bicycle.”


  24. I would redesign the 80’s

  25. The Atlantic Mall! Hi TIna! Hope you’re well!

  26. I want to redesign everything related to my city’s transit system. It’s frustratingly…mish-mashed together.

  27. definitely creative

  28. It’d be interesting to redesign educational books – I certainly found them boring when I was at school!

  29. I would redesign my love life.

    It’s totally lacking in a coherent message. No vision of the future, no consistent brand message, no concept or strategy. The logo is is dated (38 years old and not getting any younger), and a logo isn’t enough these days.

    It’s time to craft a new narrative, one of that will win hearts and minds and cast our product as a true leader of innovation in today’s marketplace.

    What’s the number for Landor Associates?

  30. My upbringing with more positiveness,
    My learning in Architecture Studies,
    ..and how Architecture could play an active role to the society other than being fancy or monolith buildings.

  31. I would like to redesign automobile dashboards.

  32. I’d re-design my last boos!

  33. I’d like to redesign your question

  34. New Jersey Turnpike logo

  35. I would be thrilled the redesign the interiors of airplanes.

    On super long flights, I am always pondering why the inside of the plane has to be so dull, grey and tired looking when it could really be such an interestingly creative space….

  36. toothpaste tubes, any tea bag whose tag flies into the cup whilst pouring, dorky/clunky wine glasses and i’d make high heel-heels a material that did not erode immediately with contact with any hard surface.

    All v. important.