Carly Whitefield pointed me to Millimeter/Milligram, a designy store in South Korea. It used be her favorite store when she used to live there and I can see why. The good news, they now ship internationally.

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  1. I just died and went to notebook heaven.

  2. I was just in Korea last week for the first time and I went to this store twice (it’s a bit addictive)! AND I STILL DIDN’T BUY ENOUGH STUFF! Granted, I don’t know what I’m going to do with these notebooks I got…

  3. If you’re out in San Francisco, we have a few stores that stock tons of notebooks, pens, notepads, and small items from Japan.

    I got this planner I’ve never seen elsewhere from Maido. It has a full monthly calendar on top and a daily planner on the bottom. And the page is split in the middle so you get monthly view and daily view at the same time. Perfect for my work where I need to track what I’m doing by the hour.

  4. 좋은 날, The Coffe Shops are great too!!

  5. We love mmmg too and had a bit of a wild evening of too much food and drinking with them last time we were in Seoul. Here are some pics, … there are some interior shots of the cafe. We have their product at Poketo as well!

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