On Clients and Saying ‘No’

Instead of seeking clients we will selectively and respectfully pursue ‘perfect fits’ – those targeted organizations that we can best help. We will say ‘no’ early and often, weeding out those that would be better served by others and those that cannot afford us. By using ‘no’ we will give power and credibility to our ‘yes’.

A Call to Arms: Twelve Proclamations of a Win Without Pitching Agency

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  1. love. what a great approach.

  2. so smart, but very daring!

  3. Great philosophy! Me too.

  4. We had Blair speak at a SparkNYC.org event. He is always inspiring. Love this quote. Thanks, Tina!

  5. Very right thinking: the opposite of trying to convince the world to love us, buy from us and glorify us is simple: seek first to find where we can be useful.

    Whether you call that good marketing or sound living, it doesn’t matter if you get it right.

    Nice wisdom.