Security Cam Birdhouse


Security Cam Birdhouse

(thank you william)

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  1. So funny: just last night I was waiting at a traffic light, and saw a little birdy pecking at a security camera.
    I thought it was just picking bugs from a spider web or something, but maybe it was one of these :-)

  2. This model is named of the German Secretrary for the Interior Wolfgang Schäuble … who read 1984 a little too much and likes to ape the british trend to super surveillance.

  3. Dank Dir für den Tipp. Ist schon bei Manufactum bestellt.

  4. Ha ha… two birds with one stone:)

  5. so nice, got to have one here…

    big bird is watching you!

  6. GENIUS!
    The crooks that aren’t scared off by the shape of the security camera are pummeled by my vicious trained attack sparrows!

  7. Das ist grandios! Wenn ich in England mit seinen 3 Überwachungskameras pro Einwohner wohnen würde, wäre das das Vogelhäuschen meiner Wahl!