Duchamp Reloaded

Duchamp Reloaded

In 1913, Marcel Duchamp took found objects from the streets and placed them in museums. 96 years later, if Duchamp were alive, he may want to do the very opposite. Duchamp Reloaded, a new project by Ji Lee.

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  1. Interesting how this follows the “What Would X Do” mentality that is so popular these days, especially enjoy that modern touch of attaching a bike lock.

  2. duchamp did come up with the idea of the “Reciprocal readymades” specifically saying he would use Rembrandt as an ironing board. i can see how this is in the spirit!

  3. I saw this the other day, can’t remember where. Love it!

  4. THE OPPOSITE ? yeah I’d like to take some so called “art” from museums and throw it in the street, myself.

  5. Duchamp for me is still the most influential artist ever.