Hello | Typographic Skateboard

Hello Skateboard

The Buddy Carr Limited Edition Skateboard, designed by Antonio Carusone makes me want to pick up Skateboarding. What a beauty!

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  1. I love this. Maybe I will trade in mark’s tired old, ugly one for this one, ha!

  2. The site shows two different decks. When the underside is exposed you get one style then the top view shows off another version. Will have to check which one is used. Great set up though. I think I see an early birthday present.

  3. Well that just goes to show ya. Personal note to self: Make sure you LOOK before firing off a comment. Ok so how about we just ignore my previous comment and I will go with “Love the board! early birthday present” :-) Personal note to self number 2: check screen resolution on laptop.

  4. to beautifull to use!

    my old boards back looks very destroyed, can’t image the look of a destroyed typo-board :P