Interview with Dieter Rams

Less, But Better – an interview with design legend Dieter Rams

(thank you @mikeaurauz)

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  1. For those interested in the actual interview (the YouTube video above is older content, although still awesome), do drop by and visit the original post at
    BBH Labs

  2. Sorry, not a comment about this post – but a request: Please remove whatever is causing that really annoying audio ad to play every time I visit your home page. It’s really messing with my mind …

  3. Its the post about food Inc. The video it contains plays automatically when you load the page…

  4. great! Thank you!

  5. I interviewed Rams many years ago when I was writing for Western Living and Vancouver magazines. Fascinating man.

  6. Thank you, my hero speaking with real modesty and honesty. something missing from the typical modern design celebrity nonsense.

  7. Thanks