swissmiss in “Vårt Nya Hem”


I just received a copy of “Vårt Nya Hem” (Our New Home), a Swedish Interior Magazine that features a small article on swissmiss. I don’t understand a word of swedish, so I just hope, it’s a nice article.

Thank you Eva!

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  1. I can’t read the small text, but the title “En inspirerande sajt för designälskare” means “An inspiring site for design lovers”. I’m glad to translate the whole thing, if you’d like!

  2. the article title says: “an inspired site for design lovers”. i can’t read the rest.

  3. ok, karin sounds like she has better swedish than me. :S

  4. Scan it to Evernote, copy to Google translate. Voila!

  5. Swiss, Swedes, aren’t we all the same?

  6. Woah, awesome!

    Also, I am absolutely loving the cover photo and design. It’s beautiful how the photo has a sort of high fashion feel to it while still showcasing that beautiful kitchen. *jaw drops*

    (And this is me just drooling over the cover. I’m dying to see what’s all inside!)

  7. That’s great Tina! : )

  8. Thank you Josh! Its great when people notis and appreciate good/hard work
    /Patrik Sjölander, Art Director at Vårt Nya Hem