Traffic Jam Art Installation Staged in the Mountains

Traffic Jam Art InstallationTraffic Jam Art Installation

In 2005, artist Maider López put the call out for willing participants to create an intentional car cluster muck in the Aralar Mountains. In response, more than 400 folks drove up to the countryside in 160 vehicles to get stuck. The result: an unexpected invasion to illustrate the automobile’s impact on the landscape. This made me smile.

(thank you inhabitat)

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  1. Makes me think of the Godard film, Week End.

  2. This is great! The ONLY time I enjoy a little traffic!

  3. What a wonderfull surprise to see this here! I thought it was the only Basque here but I see that even the Basque art is also here.

    For more information about the Basque Country, click here

    and you’ll see that here we have a little Switzerland!

    Love your site.

    p.d.sorry for my English.

  4. That’s rather awesome!

  5. shame on you, this was on wmmna months ago