Frank Moth

I am a big fan of Frank Moth Art.

Kiko Miyares

Loving these sculptures by Kiko Miyares.


Guineafowl Pufferfish

This Guineafowl Pufferfish Illustration by Ben Rothery made me giggle. (It’s not a photograph!)

Old Made Good

I. Love. These. Prints.

And just ordered some.

Cautiously Optimistic

Forever cautiously optimistic.

Everything isn’t Terrible

I am a big fan of Brad Montague. This new print stating that Everything Isn’t Terrible made me smile. (This one hangs in my home and is my favorite!)

Ken Kelleher

I love love love these rainbow rugs by Ken Kelleher.

Élodie Antoine

The buttons on this shirt by Élodie Antoine are a thing of beauty.


A 10-millionth visitor to the Rijksmuseum of Netherlands was allowed to spend the night at Rembrandt’s painting “Night Watch” with a bottle of wine and dinner. This is everything.

Lettuce Baby

My heart needed this.


Completely in love with this art installation by Rafael Sommerhalder.


Xavi Bou has a passion for visualizing the beauty of bird flight paths. (I am enamored by the prints he sells.)

Multiple of Five

Nils Völker’s Multiple of Five is a thing of beauty.

Looking At Trees

Looking At Trees, a forthcoming book, encourages us to reconnect with our natural surroundings. Ordering! (Related: I have been loving Kara Daniel’s Instagram account and where she teaches you how to communicate with threes! This is part 1.)

Jewelry by Mariko Kusumoto

I can’t get over these sea-inspired sculptural jewelry by Mariko Kusumoto. Swoon!

Face Drop

I love when objects put a smile on my face. This one is wish listed. Also these fellas!

My Kinda Traffic Jam

This art piece by Maider Lopez made me giggle. More photos here)

Compression Marble Sofa

I am loving Paul Cocksedge’s play of materials with the Compressed Marble Sofa. Stunning.

Jelly Wobbler

I applaud Nik Ramage for the invention of the Jelly Wobbler.

Sudden Gust of Wind

@yeslouisvillelove “Sudden Gust of Wind” by Serkan Özkaya at 21c Bentonville. #bentonville #arkansas #artist #art #contemporaryart #nortwestarkansas ♬ original sound – yeslouisvillelove

I would love to experience this piece titled Sudden Gust of Wind.

Andres Amador’s Earthscapes

What a beautiful soul: Andrews Amador.

Still Life

Composed of over 1000 engravings from the 19th century, Still Life is a meditation on subject/object dualism.

Coffee Break

Made me look. Coffee break by Borje Alegre and Javier Jaen.


Love this illustration by Paul Davis.