They Love NYC

The converted candy factory in Brooklyn is home to artists from all over the world who, thanks to landlord Ann Ballentine. They have cultivated their own sense of community in New York for more than 40 years. Thank you InStyle Magazine for this beautiful feature. Read the full article.

(My office landlords Frank and Mario, owners of The Invisible Dog Artist Building, deserve the same kind of tribute!)

Summer 2020 by Tatsuya Tanaka

This sums up summer 2020. Thank you Tatsuya Tanaka.

Singing Stones

I am in love with Pinuccio Sciola‘s singing stones.

Snoring into the Icelanding Countryside

You might have heard of an app that lets you scream into the Icelanding wilderness. It reminded me of Swiss performance artist Roman Signer who amplified his snoring into the Icelandic countryside in 1996. I love everything about this.

Designer Cakes

These designer cakes by Tortik Annushka are breathtaking.

One of the co-founders is teaching cake making online classes. How fun!

Limited Edition Prints by Claudia Pearson

Brooklyn based illustrator Claudia Pearson launched a limited edition print series called Ebb+Flow. It includes 4 limited edition screen prints available as an edition of 25. They have been hand printed on 140# paper and individually numbered. You can order them unframed or framed. 20% of the proceeds go to viBE Theater and Black Art Futures Fund.

Painter Amy Sherald

I love this painting by Amy Sherald.

Lin Yung Cheng

Beautifully conceptual photography by Lin Yung Cheng.

My Current Life

I keep seeing images that perfectly represent what my current life feels like, trying to keep three businesses alive during a global pandemic. This one is by Kylli Spare.

How Are You Doing?

Friends asking: How are you doing?
Me: Sending them one of these photos by Brooke DiDonato.

Collages by Frank Moth

Loving and totally inspired by these collages by Frank Moth.

Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time, No. 2

This art installation looks delightful.

Pixel Rainbow

(Via Colossal)

This is Soothing and Magical

Brutalist Sandcastles

Calvin Seibert builds brutalist sandcastles. They make me want to drive to a beach and start building. Mad respect.

(via Kai)

Artist Puzzle

I am feeling equally uncomfortable looking at this as I am intrigued by it. This is a limited edition 500 piece puzzle by Alma Haser. Alma photographed sets of identical twins and made them into identical jigsaw puzzles. She then swaps every other piece of their puzzles, completely mixing them half and half. Not always knowing where their eyes, mouths and lips would end up, the result is a pair of eerie, unrecognisable portraits. No longer seen as completely identical, they are unique.

This year’s Easter Passover Seder


Adventures in Solitude

I feel this photo by Cristina Carol.

Stephen Morrison

I feel this dogs by Stephen Morrison. He sells some of his “isolation buddies” over on his Instagram. Check them out.

Ryan Putman

This print by Ryan Putman perfectly describes how I feel these days.

(via Dense Discovery)

“My Little Piece of Privacy”

This made me laugh: To stop passersby from peeping into his workshop, Niklas Roy strung up a small white, *motorized* lace curtain in his window. Outside movement triggers a motor to position the thin fabric in front of the person attempting to look inside. Funny.

A Box of Tissues

Made me smile: A box of tissues, by Jaejoon Jang.

Art By Golsa Golchini

I love these. By Golsa Golchini.

(via This is Colossal)

Moon Ribas

I am currently attending The House of Beautiful Business in Lisbon and one of the speakers that stopped me in my tracks was Moon Ribas. She has implants that let her feel earthquakes happening around the earth. She is the co-founder of the Cyborg foundation, together with Neil Harrison.