Mykonos Mobile

My kids have heard me say many times that the only reason I would want to become rich for one day is so that I can own a real Calder Mobile. In the meantime, maybe this one will do?

Laura Crehuet Berman

These paintings by Laura Crehuet Berman are lovely.

Emotional Figured Sculpted by En Iwamura

How lovely are these sculptures by En Iwamura?

Melting Rugs

I am in love with the ornate rugs by artist Faig Ahmed Ooze that ooze onto the floor in drippy fabric puddles.

Art by Alison Turnbull

Loving the subtle aesthetic by artist Alison Turnbull.


Skeleton Prints

All drawings by Edouard Joseph d’Alton (1838). Available as prints at The Public Domain Review.

Jim Carrey: I Needed Color

Sculptures by Diego Cabezas

Completely enamored with these sculptures by Diego Cabezas.

Miniature Dioramas

Miniature Calendar is a stunning and wildly creative project by Japanese artist Tatsuya Tanaka, featuring miniature dioramas using common household objects and little plastic figurines. You can see a video with some of his process here. I recommend you follow Tasuya on Instagram, his account is a delightful scroll.

(Thank you A!)

Pile Sculptures

These Pile Sculptures by Claudia Pearson are simply stunning.

Photography by Raf Maes

What stunning images. I would hang a large print in my home, for sure! Consider me a fan, Raf Maes.

Prismatic Portraits by Lui Ferreyra

Loving these portraits by Denver-based artist Lui Ferreyra.

I Feel This

I feel this sentiment by Martin Creed, Work No. 2210.

Art by Hanna Lee Joshi

Wonderfully colorful and voluptuous art by Hanne Lee Joshi.

La Paranoia

Lovely collages by Spain based La Paranoia.

Translucent Textiles

In love with Japanese artist and designer Mariko Kusumoto and her translucent textiles sculptures.

Richard Scherr

I am currently staying at a cozy lakeside Airbnb in upstate NY and had the pleasure to strike up a conversation with the gentleman next door. Turns out his name is Richard Scherr and he is an accomplished architect and artists.

As I was gushing about his beautiful cabin on the lake he spontaneously invited me to tour the inside. His cabin includes a small art studio filled with his beautiful sculptures.

I swear my heart grew three times its size and here I am with a new life goal: At some point in my life, I want to live in a beautifully designed cabin on a tiny lake and make art.

Stephen Doyle Paper Sculptures

I might quite possibly Stephen Doyle‘s biggest fan. His paper sculptures make my heart explode.

Waves of Deadwood

These massive waves of deadwood by Jörg Gläscher have won my heart.

John Gall Art

I have fallen madly in love with Jon Gall’s collages. You can see more here.

Art for Optimists

Efdot is a visual artist and community builder rooted in New York. Using abstract figures, forms & bold lines, Efdot explores the contrast between playfulness and mischief.

Weakness of the Flesh

Weakness of the Flesh” is a fascinating and somewhat odd short film that appears to clone dancer Emma Rosenzweig-Bock, who twists and contorts her body amongst a sea of her own figure.

GIF Art by Romain Laurent

Loving these GIFs by Romain Laurent.

Glowing Geometric Light Paintings

Thank you for this visual firework, Reuben Wu.