Love this photo of Vivian Maier’s The Color Work Book.

Dime-Bag Spectrum

Love this dime-bag spectrum. Hayden is such a creative soul.

Photography by Brooke DiDonato

Brooke DiDonato has a photographic eye that makes me gasp. Beautiful!

Ceramic Rainbow

A ceramic rainbow to hang on your wall? YES PLEASE! It’s by artist Lorien Stern and at this point unfortunately sold out. Let’s hope she brings them back! I am definitely wishlisting this!

Anxiety Cirlce


Mr. Bingo’s Anxiety Circle, available as a print.


Paddle Art

Look, arts-y ping pong paddles! They are part of an art exhibition in Glasgow raising funds for a community table tennis club. Fun!

Expression Mobile

This mobile is pretty fun.

Soothing Stacks of Paperback Books

Soothing collection of paperback books by Mary Ellen Bartley.

Work by Eiko Ojala

In love with Eiko Ojala’s beautiful cut paper illustrations.

This is Powerful

This light installation in a Scottish coastal town shows future sea levels. This is powerful. And scary.

Michelle Jader

Love these paintings in motion by Michelle Jader.

‘Cones of Shame’

I giggled upon seeing this interpretation of a ‘dog cone of shame‘.

These Stairs

I can’t take my eyes of this stairs runner by Trish Andersen.


These art installations by Daniel Forero made me gasp.

Hilma af Klint

If you’re visiting New York, don’t miss the Hilma af Klint exhibition at the Guggenheim. Breathtaking, all around. I took my kids yesterday and it was a big hit.

Multi-Layered Gowns by Iris Van Herpen

I can’t take my eyes off these multi-layered gowns by Iris Van Herpen.

All The Buildings In New York

Love this screen print by James Gulliver Hancock.

Art by Pae White

Last week, while in San Francisco, I had the unexpected pleasure to meet contemporary American artist Pae White. Her work is stunning.

The world is full of super inspiring, creative humans.

Blocky Typographic Street Art

Loving this blocky typographic street art by Pref.

This Made Me Smile

L’Union Fait La Farce by Thomas Mainlaender.

Good Morning

How would you like your eggs this morning?

Forever Pizza

I can’t remember last time art made me chuckle this much. Steph Mantis’ Forever Pizza is pure delight. It’s real pizza, from her family’s pizzeria, encased in acrylic. I just ordered my forever slice.

Kindness is Strength

YES to this message. Designed by Anthony Burrill.

100% of proceeds are going to Kindly Collective, a charity which funds and supports grassroots projects in three areas: women, kids, and creatures. The Limited Edition print aims to encourage a wave of kindness to sweep across the country, both in its message and its fundraising.