Whale Butter Dish

Whale Butter Dish

Not sure why, but I have a thing for Butter Dishes. How adorable is this Whale Butter Dish by Jonathan Adler?

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  1. I love it.
    It makes a great remote control hutch.

  2. not sure why but l I have a thing for whales, so I guess there’s something for both!

  3. ooooh! you are so awesome at finding pretty things! thanks

  4. I love it! Check out this wooden themed one as well:


  5. I don’t eat much whale butter. How is it on toast?

  6. I have looked for a cute butter dish forever. I finally gave up and bought a $2 one at Target. It’s so blah! This one is awesome!!

  7. hahahha I love this. This would be good to keep me away from butter– don’t want to become a whale! ;)

  8. i see someone was inspired by twitter’s fail whale. :)

  9. Moby Dick sailing across the table, wonderful

  10. Can this item still be purchased?