You Are My Sunshine

Maybe this performance by Ray Charles will convince the NYC sun to make an appearance again sometime soon:

(via awaytogarden)

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  1. I hope it works. I can’t take any more rain!

  2. tina, you are MY sunshine

  3. Can we all agree to perform serious Jedi mind tricks in order to lull the Vienna Sun into doing likewise?

    Also: It’d better be nice weather in NYC. Because I’m going there July 11! Btw, any suggestions on where to go what to do?

  4. I played this and it seems to have worked here in London! Sure a beautiful, upliftng song, thanks for posting it and I hope you get your ray of sunshine Stateside soon….

  5. Hey, I’m sorry – I think the UK has stolen all your sunshine!
    I’m sure there’s enough to go around and it’ll be popping out in NYC soon…

    I’m a lurker but for some reason this is my first comment. Thanks for all the amazing finds and posts over the years. You rock!

  6. Whoa, not quite the version I sing to my 19 month old daughter every night… I’ll have to get me some back up singers from now on :-)

  7. didn’t work in warsaw :-/